Air ConditioningJune 10, 2019by admin0Why is my Air Conditioner not working?


#1: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

It’s so hot outside, but your air conditioner won’t seem to turn on.  Sometimes this can be a simple fix as often it’s caused by a thermostat that has been bumped or changed or set improperly. Redo your settings to see if that fixes it. If not, you could need service from a professional you can trust.

#2: Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Does it seem like your A/C is running and running and running and still, the house just isn’t as cool as you’d like? In fact, it seems to be getting warmer? This could be one of any number of things, but there are two common causes.

Lack of effective cooling could indicate an airflow problem. Check your filter. If it’s clogged with dust and dirt, clean or replacing it should fix the problem. You can do this yourself.

Your refrigerant levels are low. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, your system can’t keep up with demand and your house heats up even when the A/C is trying to cool it off. Call Integrity for help with this issue.

#3: Frozen Coil

Sometimes your evaporator coil freezes up, which will shut down your system and stop any and all cool air from flowing. Having low levels of refrigerant or lack of airflow to the coils could be potential causes of this issue.

If you run into these issues, don’t suffer in the heat.  Call Integrity Heating and Air Conditioning today at 317-804-7699

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